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DFI training in 5.0

Hello, I am wondering why the training interface is removed in the latest DFI 5.0 specs. It is mentioned in the release information that t…

Started by Ramy Ahmed Ali

1 Nov 12, 2018
Reply by John MacLaren

x4 and x8 and x16

In DDR3 as we are having 8n prefetch, that means we are sending/receiving 8 words of data per one WR/RD command.How will they get arranged…

Started by pradeep vetapalem

0 Oct 18, 2018

PHYMSTR collision with LP

Can anyone explain the result for the below scenario: MC initiated a LP_CTRL_REQ and PHY gave an LP_CTRL_ACK. But after the LP_REQ got de-a…

Started by pradeep vetapalem

2 Sep 21, 2018
Reply by John MacLaren

Control Update

Does control update works independent of PMI? If Yes, is it not a violation of PHY Master protocol? 

Started by pradeep vetapalem

0 Sep 10, 2018

Update vs Training

Can anyone explain difference between purposes why phy initiates update and master protocols?"

Started by pradeep vetapalem

2 Aug 30, 2018
Reply by pradeep vetapalem

tphy_wrlat + twrdata for LPDDR4 in DFI5 spec

Hi, In the earlier version of the DFI spec for 1:2 freq ratio, tphy_wrlat even/odd value with tphy_wrdata being even/odd value will result…

Started by WeeHow

1 Jul 27, 2018
Reply by WeeHow

tphy_wrlat for LPDDR4 in 1:2 frequency ratio

Hi, I have a query on the diagram "LPDDR4 Write Command, 1:2 Frequency Ratio", which is figure 44 in DFI 5.0. This shows tphy_wrlat from…

Started by Stephen Bond

2 Jul 20, 2018
Reply by Stephen Bond

Frequency change Protocol

Hi John, During Frequency change protocol, PHY asserts dfi_init_complete to indicate that frequency has changed and PHY is ready for opera…

Started by venkatesh g

2 Jul 19, 2018
Reply by venkatesh g

DQS assertion before Preamble

We are using third party PHY and came across a case where PHY is asserting DQS half clock before pre-amble starts in Write. Where as in Sp…

Started by Dhaval shah

0 Jun 18, 2018

Read commands ultilizing dfi_rddata_cs_n

Hi, In DFI 3.1: Is the figure 29 Read Commands Utilizing dfi_rddata_cs_n correct? 1. Why is the trddata_en timing is different in RDA and…

Started by Sunmon

1 Jun 6, 2018
Reply by John MacLaren


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