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DFI 5.0 read and write interface signaling and their clock domains


I would like to ask about the write/read interface signals (like "dfi_wrdata_en_p0,1,2,3") as they are synced to the DFI clock as per my understanding to the Ch.4 Functional use write/read waveforms.

But, lately i noticed in the Clocking section - Table 2, that the write/read signals are in sync with the Word clock domain. So, is this just a typo or there is something missing in my understanding?

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Hi Ramy Ahmed Ali,

All DFI signals are in a single clock domain - the DFI clock domain.  However, the signal groups may be in different clock ratios relative to the PHY clock.  The Clocking section explains the different clock domains as they relate to these ratios.



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